Bitvavo X Diamond Pigs

Choose your strategy, Diamond pigs will do the rest!


The goal of Diamond Pigs is to make crypto mainstream and let everyone take advantage of its existence. Transparent, safe and sound for all crypto merchants. You can watch a demo of the software here.

Watch the video below and learn how to link your Bitvavo account to the Diamond Pigs software.




Step 1) Create an account

Click on this link and sign in to access the Play Mode screen. Click on the green one button "Let's Go".  




Step 2) Enter your personal details

Enter your personal details and agree to Diamond Pigs terms & condition.

Terms___Conditions__4_.pngKYC__Screen__3_. png


Step 3) Play Mode

You can play around the different investment strategies that Diamond Pigs offer you offers to test. If you like what you see, you can continue connecting from your Bitvavo wallet.  




Step 4) Connecting to Bitvavo

Diamond Pigs offers an easy and intuitive step-by-step wizard to connect to do with Bitvavo API.



Keep 2 screens open. Create 2 API keys in your Bitvavo account (more information below), paste them into the Diamond Pigs wizard screen, and paste the IP number of Diamond Pigs in your Bitvavo screen.  



Confirm the activation of your API keys via email. Test them at the Diamond Pigs wizard screen.



Click [Continue] when done.



Click [Complete] to view the different strategies.




Step 5) Select a strategy

Select a strategy and turn on the portfolio management button. Click to to confirm. From now on your entire Bitvavo portfolio will be managed automatically.




It is possible to exclude certain cryptocurrencies in your Bitvavo account of management by Diamond Pigs. This gives you the opportunity to do it yourself continue to trade with these assets.



Step 6) View your dashboard

Diamond Pigs dashboard is designed to provide you with full transparency the performance of your portfolio, the trades executed and the costs of those transactions. 



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