(Automated) Recurring Deposits

If you would like to regularly buy crypto, you might find it useful to set up automatic deposits so that your account always has some euros available. It is possible to set up an automatic transfer in your own banking environment. To do so, you need the following information:


When you choose bank transfer (SEPA) in Bitvavo, you'll see all the necessary information for creating a bank transfer to your Bitvavo account. Please note that every Bitvavo account has a unique payment reference that needs to be included with the deposit. This payment reference consists of 10 characters (capitals and numbers) and can be found on the line "Payment reference" in the SEPA details.

When we receive the deposit, we will email you a confirmation. You can then immediately purchase digital currency in our app or on our website. 

Additionally, it is possible to set up recurring buys within Bitvavo. This allows you to automatically purchase a certain amount of an asset every week, every other week, or every month. Instructions on how to do so can be found in this support article.

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