What is it?

When creating a new Bitvavo account using a designated link from an eligible affiliate partner, you qualify for a welcome bonus. You can read about the conditions for this welcome bonus below.


To qualify for the welcome bonus, you must be referred by a Bitvavo affiliate that is registered to promote a welcome bonus promotion campagne. You must also verify your email address and pass the full identification and onboarding process, within five days after account creation. Finally, you must make a single deposit of the specific minimum required campaign amount, via one of the available payment methods.

Once these steps are complete, you will automatically, within 24 hours, receive the welcome bonus in your Bitvavo account. 

Note that you may not previously have created a Bitvavo account, to be eligible for the bonus.

Other things to keep in mind

The welcome bonus is a limited time offer only. Bitvavo reserves the right to terminate the welcome bonus at any time at its sole discretion. Bitvavo also reserves the right to change the terms, eligibility criteria, and bonus payouts for the welcome bonus at any time. 

The Bitvavo welcome bonus and your use thereof are subject to and governed by the Bitvavo User Agreement.

Bitvavo may deny your participation in the welcome bonus, terminate your Bitvavo account and require you to return any amounts received as a welcome bonus. This may happen in the case of:
- a breach of any of these welcome bonus conditions
- a breach of the terms of the Bitvavo User Agreement
- in case of suspected fraud or misuse of the welcome bonus.

Legitimate links only

Check the URL to make sure it directs you to https://bitvavo.com. This is to verify that any communication about a Bitvavo welcome bonus is legitimate.

Note that Bitvavo will never ask you to send funds and that Bitvavo emails will always come from no-reply@bitvavo.com. To make sure that an email comes from Bitvavo, you can make use of the anti-phishing code. 

If you encounter any scams or phishing, please report them to: support@bitvavo.com