Bitvavo X Diamond Pigs

Choose your strategy, Diamond Pigs does the rest!


Their goal is to make crypto mainstream and let everyone profit from its existence. Transparent, safe and sound to all crypto traders.

Step 1) Create an account

Click on this link and sign up to access the Play Mode Screen. Click on the green button “Let’s Go”.  


Step 2) Complete your personal information

Fill in your personal information and agree to Diamond Pigs terms & condition.


Step 3) Play mode

You can play around to test the various investment strategies that Diamond Pigs offers you. If you like what you see, you may continue to connect your Bitvavo wallet.  


Step 4) Connect to Bitvavo

Diamond Pigs provides an easy and intuitive step-by-step wizard to connect to Bitvavo API.Connect_to_Bitvavo__6_.png

Keep 2 screens open. Create 2 API keys in your Bitvavo account (more information below), paste them into Diamond Pigs wizard screen, and paste the IP number of Diamond Pigs in your Bitvavo screen.  API_part_1__7_.png

Confirm the activation of your API keys through email. Test them in Diamond Pigs wizard screen.API_part_2__8_.png

Click [continue] after you're done. API_Part_3__9_.png

Click [complete] to check out the different strategies. API_Part_4__10_.png

Step 5) Select a strategy

Select a strategy and turn your portfolio management button on. Click to confirm. From now on your entire Bitvavo wallet is managed automatically.Select_your_Strategy__13_.png

Step 6) Check out your dasboard

Diamond Pigs dashboard is designed to offer you full transparency in the performance of your wallet, the trades executed, and the cost of those trades.  


How to create a new set of API keys in my Bitvavo account?

  1. Go to Bitvavo and click on 'Request new API Key'.
  2. Enter the requested data and choose to only view (a) data and (b) buy and sell.
  3. Enter your 2FA code and click on confirm. If you have not yet set up 2FA, read this article.
  4. Your API key + API secret will be visible and only needs to complete an e-mail confirmation.
  5. Enter the given API key + API secret at Diamond Pigs (see step 4).

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