Withdrawal limits (for an intermediate account)

Deposit and withdrawal limits are a mandatory part, based on applicable rules and regulations, of the measures Bitvavo is obliged to take.

Bitvavo uses software that determines which limits apply in your individual case based on many factors such as (but not limited to) age, nationality, location, specified source of funds, payment method used, date of commissioning account and transaction history. However, to give you an indication, the maximum limits are discussed below so that you know when you could encounter them.

Note: it may be that your individual limits are lower than listed below.

Moderate limits for euro and digital currency withdrawals

Moderate limits are applied to incoming and outgoing euro and digital currency transactions, as regulators consider incoming and outgoing digital currency transactions as an increased risk. The maximum limits that apply are:

Time period




If you wish to exceed your individually determined digital currency limit, you must upgrade your account from an Intermediate account to a Pro account before being able to perform your desired transactions.

How limits work

The mentioned limits work in the following way:

  • Limits are net amounts (e.g. digital currency deposits decrease the net digital currency withdrawal amount)
  • Limits are calculated over rolling periods and not per calendar.
    • Daily limits count the last 24 hours of activity.
Upgrade account to Pro account for unlimited limits

If you wish to increase your limits, you must upgrade your account from an Intermediate account to a Pro account. Once you have done that, depending on the documents you have sent, unlimited limits may apply to you.

What is required for this?

For this you must provide documents that substantiate the source of your funds.

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