Is it safe to show my wallet address to a third party?

A wallet address can, in a way, be compared to a bank account number. This means that if someone has your wallet address, this person can transfer digital currency to your address. But this person does not have access to your digital currency with your wallet address alone. The only way to access the digital currency on your wallet address is with your ‘private key’.

A private key can be compared to a code you receive (e.g. on your random reader or a TAN-code) when you want to confirm a payment from your bank account. Without the private key your account is useless, but this also means that you cannot lose it or give it to others.

At Bitvavo we provide hosted wallets, which means that Bitvavo manages your private key. Bitvavo takes extensive security measures to keep your private key as secure as possible. More information about the security measures Bitvavo has in place can be found here.

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