What is the trading fee when I buy or sell digital currency?

Bitvavo charges trading fees for executed orders. Your trading fee is based on:

  1. The type of order you execute.
  2. The tier of trading volume you are in.

You can find a complete overview below.




€ 0+



€ 50 000+



€ 100 000+



€ 250 000+



€ 500 000+



€ 1 000 000+



€ 2 500 000+



€ 5 000 000+



€ 10 000 000+



Order type

The fees of Bitvavo are categorized into:

  • Taker fees; these are applicable when your order is filled immediately with one of the available orders in the order book (this is always the case with market orders).
  • Maker fees; these are applicable when your order is not filled immediately but add liquidity to the order book (this is always the case with good till cancel limit orders that are priced so they don't execute immediately).
Trading volume tier

There are a number of trading volume tiers, each with different transaction costs. This means that executing orders becomes cheaper once you have traded more volume in the past 30 days. You can find your transaction volume over the past 30 days and the corresponding fee in your account under 'Settings'. Your transaction volume is calculated every night around 01:00 UTC, or if you press the button in your account under 'Refresh trading fees'.

Example trading fee

Suppose you want to sell €1000 worth of Bitcoin. We assume you pay the maximum (taker) fee of 0.25%. €1000 * 0.25% = € 2.50 in trading fee. This means that you will receive €997.50. Trading costs are charged directly in the transaction.


Because the multiplication of numbers with certain digits after the decimal point leads to more decimals, it could be necessary to round the excess and include it as a transaction fee. Bitvavo supports payments in Euro until 2 digits after the decimal point and for payments in digital currency mostly until 8 digits after the decimal point. Rounding is done so that the fee always is equal to or exceeds the fee percentage for the user's account. Fee's due to rounding are calculated for the entire order, and may negate fees for other fills in the same order.

For example (0.10% fee): Buying 0.0331 BTC for a price of €4951 per BTC = €163.8781 cost, €0.1638781 fee (total €164.0419781). The amount deducted from the user's balance is €164.05. The user paid €0.1638781 fee, and €0.0080219 due to rounding (total €0.1719).

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