How do I verify my bank account number (IBAN)?

To verify your bank account it is necessary that you transfer a (small) amount from your payment account to your Bitvavo account. It is important that the name of your bank account matches the name that you entered when creating your Bitvavo account. Depositing credit can be done using various payment methods.

However, it is possible that the bank verification cannot take place automatically. This can be due to the following reasons:

  1. Wrong name entered when creating your Bitvavo account
    If you entered a wrong name when creating your Bitvavo account, here is explained how you can change it.
  2. Joint bank account
    If you have used a joint bank account, we may only have received the name of your partner. In those cases we would like to receive a photo of your payment card which can be sent to, showing that the bank account used belongs to you.
  3. Your bank does not share the name of the bank account you use
    In some cases, we may not receive an ascription from your bank, which means we cannot (automatically) check whether the used bank account belongs to you. In these cases we would like to receive a photo of your payment card or a print screen your account in case of an online bank account (without payment card) which can be sent to

Once you have provided the necessary information, we will take it up as soon as possible so that the funds received can be credited to your Bitvavo account.

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