What are the Bitvavo hosted wallets?

Bitvavo offers hosted wallets to all their users. A hosted wallet is a wallet where your digital currencies can easily and securely be stored. For almost every digital currency you need a different wallet.

As soon as you created an account at Bitvavo, Bitvavo provides you automatically with a hosted wallet for every digital currency on Bitvavo. The use of the hosted wallets from Bitvavo has the following advantages:

  1. You do not have to download software to be able to store you digital currency.
  2. It is easier to send digital currency to other wallets or receive digital currency on your Bitvavo hosted wallet.
  3. You always have access to your digital currency and can sell or exchange it for a different digital currency at any time.
  4. The Bitvavo hosted wallets are extremely well secured and are completely free.

Besides the use of the hosted wallets of Bitvavo, you could also choose to store your digital currency in the following ways:

  • Your own wallet that you manage. Even though you have to download software, you are completely independent.
  • A hosted wallet from a third party. There are many parties who provide (free) hosted wallets.

Which wallet solutions suits you best depends on what you prefer.

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