How does Bitvavo use my ID?

Before you can trade digital currency above certain trading the depositing or withdrawing of digital currencies, it may be necessary to verify your identity. Please note, Bitvavo will always handle your identity document with the utmost care to ensure confidentiality, and therefore has the following measures in place:

  • Your identity document is checked by a reputable and specialized service provider, who will delete your identity document after verification.
  • Bitvavo receives the information the specialized service provider has selected from your document.
  • The information sent to us is encrypted and stored on a offline server.
  • The employees of Bitvavo who have access to your personal data all have a ‘certificate of conduct’ and have been thoroughly screened.

By putting these measures in place, your personal data is well secured. Additional information can be found in our privacy statement or our terms and conditions.

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