How can I transfer funds using Giropay?

Giropay is an European payment method that you can use to add funds to your Bitvavo account. Giropay comes with a service fee of 1,75%, but the transferred funds will be added to your Bitvavo account almost immediately. Follow the steps below if you would like to use Giropay:

  1. Login to your Bitvavo account.
  2. Click “Transfer funds”.
  3. Enter the amount you wish to add to your Bitvavo account and choose "Giropay".
  4. Click on "Pay".

Please note: Giropay applies a maximum amount of €10.000 per transaction. However, you can make multiple payments in a row. If you are unable to use Giropay, please choose one of the other payment methods offered by Bitvavo.

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