What are airdrops and can I receive them on my hosted wallet?

Airdrops is a common used term which basically means nothing more than a giveaway of free digital currency. Even though it is free, there is often a different form of compensation associated with these airdrops. This compensation can be a number of things, such as:

  1. Data; you will, for example, have to provide your personal data.
  2. Name recognition; you may, for example, have to share information on social media.
  3. Adoption; you do not have to do anything yourself, but the underlying though is that as more people that have the currency, others will accept it quicker.
Can I receive airdrops on my hosted wallet?

Because airdrops are often new digital currency, about which little information is known, it is not possible for Bitvavo to give the same security and service that you are used to with regards to other digital currency. Therefore Bitvavo does not support airdrops and you are not able to receive them on your hosted wallet.


If you would like to receive airdrops, it is best to do so on your own wallet or another external wallet.

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