Why have the digital currency that I sent to my Bitvavo wallet not yet arrived?

The process of receiving digital currency on your hosted wallet is divided into several steps. The steps are described below and there is also an explanation on possible causes of action if your digital currency has not yet arrived.

  1. In process
    Your transaction is on the way and has been confirmed by the network at least once.
    Depending on the amount of confirmations required by Bitvavo, the digital currency should arrive between a couple of minutes and a maximum of a couple of hours.
  2. Inspection
    Bitvavo monitors all deposits and withdrawals of digital currency. This notification will often disappear quickly. If this is not the case, please contact our support team by sending an email to support@bitvavo.com.
  3. Approved
    The digital currency has arrived and is added to your Bitvavo wallet. You will also have received a confirmation email about this.
Other causes

If your digital currencies have not arrived successfully, may be due to one of the following causes:

  1. You have transferred digital currency that is not supported by the Bitvavo wallet.
  2. Some digital currency has to be transferred alongside an additional description (i.e. EOS, NEM, STEEM, XLM and XRP). You have forgotten to include this additional description.
  3. You have not paid enough transaction fee, which is why your transaction is not included in a block yet and is still pending.

If your digital currency has not been added to your hosted wallet and it is not due to one of the reasons above, please contact our support team by sending an email to support@bitvavo.com.

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