How can I whitelist wallet addresses?

It is possible in to whitelist several wallet adresses, which makes your account more secure. Below will be explained what a whitelist for wallet addresses is and how you can whitelist a wallet address.

What is a whitelist for wallet addressess?

The moment you add an external wallet address to your whitelist, you can only withdraw digital currency to that wallet. It is possible to add multiple wallet addressess for serveral digital currency to your whitelist. You can whitelist every individual digital currency and can add an unlimited amount of address.

In addition to the above it is also possible to whitelist your verified bank account. Consequently, you can only withdraw funds to your bank account and it is no longer possible to withdraw digital currency to an external wallet. It is, however, still possible to withdraw digital currency to a wallet address if you also whitelist that address.


Here are two examples to illustrate the use of whitelisting:

  1. Imagine you only whitelist the wallet address of your external Bitcoin wallet. In this case it is no longer possible to withdraw to any other addresses, including to your verified bank account. If you do want to withdraw to your verified bank account, you have to whitelist that address as well.
  2. Imagine you only whitelist your verified bank account. In this case it is no longer possible to withdraw to other addresses. If you do want to withdraw to other external wallets, you will have to whitelist those addresses first.


By whitelisting your wallet addresses you prevent a third party from withdrawing your funds to an undesirable wallet address, when your sign in information is in the hands of a third party. This way your account is even safer.

How do I add a wallet address to my whitelist?

To add a wallet address on your whitelist, please follow the below steps:

  1. Sign in on your Bitvavo account.
  2. Press in the upper right corner on your name.
  3. Next you choose the option "Whitelist".
  4. After you press "add address", you can fill in your wallet address.
  5. Lastly, it is neccecasry to put in your 2FA code.

After these steps your Bitvavo account will only accept that wallet address when you try to withdraw.

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