Recovery scam

Avoid becoming a victim of a scam again!

With the recovery scam or scam behind the scam, the following scenario may occur:
Have you fallen victim to a scam in the past? Then there is a chance that you will be approached again by (the same) group of criminals. 

These people will contact you by email or telephone and will respond to the fact that you have lost a (significant) amount in the past. The criminals try to gain trust by providing certain personal information, which was captured during the initial scam. They will then claim that they can recover the stolen amount after a certain fee has been paid. This fee can be a percentage of the stolen amount, but it is actually impossible to recover the stolen amount because a blockchain transaction is irreversible.

What can you do if you are approached?

  • Do not respond to these types of requests. If it sounds too good to be true, it is.
  • Don't share data.
  • End contact and block the email address/phone number.
  • If you have not yet reported the initial scam, we would like to advise you to collect as much data and information as possible and transfer it to the police by means of a report.

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