Is the SMS message I received from Bitvavo or is it phishing?
Is the SMS message I received from Bitvavo or is it phishing? Is the SMS message I received from Bitvavo or is it phishing?

Is the SMS message I received from Bitvavo or is it phishing?

Summary: This article helps you identify whether an SMS message is genuinely from Bitvavo. It describes situations in which Bitvavo sends an SMS and provides steps to handle suspicious messages. Additionally, it warns about bank helpdesk fraud and offers information on reporting suspicious activities.

Have you received an text message and are you unsure if it's from Bitvavo? Below, we explain the situations in which Bitvavo actually sends an SMS and how to recognize suspicious messages.

When does Bitvavo send an SMS?

Bitvavo only sends SMS messages in the following four cases:

  1. Registration of your phone number
  2. Activation of 2FA (two-factor authentication)
  3. Resetting your 2FA
  4. Changing your phone number

If you receive an SMS outside these situations, it is not from us.

When does Bitvavo not send an SMS?

Bitvavo does not send SMS messages about logins from different locations.

Can a phishing SMS end up under a legitimate SMS from Bitvavo?

Yes, a phishing SMS can end up under a legitimate SMS from Bitvavo.

Cybercriminals can spoof the sender ID of their phishing SMS messages to make it appear as though they are coming from a legitimate source, such as Bitvavo. This means that the phone number or name displayed in the message matches that of Bitvavo.

In some SMS apps, messages from the same sender ID are grouped into one conversation thread. If a phishing message uses the same sender ID as a previous legitimate SMS from Bitvavo, the phishing message can appear under or among the genuine messages from Bitvavo. This makes it harder for the user to distinguish between real and fake messages.

What to do with a suspicious SMS?

Have you received an SMS that you suspect was not sent by Bitvavo? Follow these steps:

  1. Ignore and delete the SMS: Do not respond to the messages or click on any links.
  2. Block the phone number: This prevents you from receiving more unwanted messages.
  3. Mark it as spam: This helps your phone provider recognize and filter such messages.
  4. Contact us: Send the SMS you received to 

Beware of bank helpdesk fraud

Be aware of a specific type of fraud where you first receive a phishing SMS, followed by a call from someone posing as a Bitvavo employee. The scammer may claim there are suspicious activities on your account.

More information about bank helpdesk fraud can be found in this support article.

Reporting suspicious activities

Do you notice suspicious activities again? Contact us directly at Your report helps us prevent further fraud.


Recent phishing text messages

Text Image
Bitvavo: U moet uw gegevens verifiëren i.v.m. een nieuwe wet. Als dit niet binnen 2 dagen gebeurd wordt uw account geblokkeerd. Verifieer nu via: [phishingwebsite]

Screenshot 2024-06-27 at 11.55.29.png

(Caution: Don't click on the link in the text!)

U bent succesvol ingelogd vanuit Berlin om 19:34 Zaterdag 15 Juni. Als u dit NIET zelf was bel ons dan op? [Telefoonnummer] REF: YD192871 image1_720.jpg

(Caution: Don't text or call the number!)


Er is ingelogd met een nieuw toestel


Toestel: IPHONE 7, IOS
IP: Duitsland

Toestel controleren?


(Caution: Don't click on the link in the text!)

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