If you get a call from a supposed employee of your bank offering to help keep your assets safe from suspicious activity or transactions, it might be bank help desk fraud. Read more about this kind of scam and how to recognize it below.

How do I recognize bank help desk fraud?

  1. You get a call from a phone number that appears to be your bank's real number, but in reality, the call is made from a different number. This is known as spoofing.
  2. Scammers do research and usually pretend to be a real employee who actually works at your bank. When you look up the name online, everything seems to check out. 
  3. During the conversation, a sense of urgency is created. For example, the scammer may say there has been suspicious account activity and that you need to take immediate action. In some cases, the scammer has created the suspicious activity themselves, making the story seem true.
  4. The scammer then suggests a "solution" to the problem. They may ask to take control of your device remotely using a program like Teamviewer or AnyDesk to help keep your assets safe. If you give them access with these programs, the scammer will have full control over your bank account and possibly your Bitvavo account too. The scammer keeps you talking until they - without your knowledge - perform a transaction.

We would like to emphasize that an employee of a bank or Bitvavo will never ask you to:

  • Provide passwords
  • Share security codes
  • Install software
  • Allow them to take control of your device remotely
  • Make payments

How do they get my information?

The scammer probably found your information through illegal means, like hacking or a data breach. Information could include:

  • Your bank account number
  • Your phone number
  • Personal details (Name, Address, and more)
  • Your email address
  • Transaction history

Because the scammer already has this information, the story can be very convincing. You can check if your data has been involved in a data breach in the past on this website.

What should I do if I am contacted by a scammer pretending to be a bank employee?

  • Do not share any information
  • End the connection
  • Report fraudulent behavior to the bank and Bitvavo

You can reach us via email at fraud@bitvavo.com.