How can I deposit (receive) crypto to Bitvavo?
How can I deposit (receive) crypto to Bitvavo? How can I deposit (receive) crypto to Bitvavo?

How can I deposit (receive) crypto to Bitvavo?

This guide explains how to deposit (receive) cryptocurrency into your Bitvavo account from an external wallet. It includes step-by-step instructions for selecting the correct network, obtaining your deposit address, and transferring funds. The guide also addresses common issues, the importance of tags and memos for certain transactions, and provides specific instructions for depositing via MetaMask. Additionally, it covers frequently asked questions and highlights the risks associated with using unsupported networks.

You can easily transfer crypto you own (for example, in your external wallet) to your Bitvavo account.

Network selection: Please note that we do not support all networks/blockchains. Check which networks are supported per crypto here: Networks page. You select and confirm on the deposit page of each coin through which network you can send it to us.

Follow the steps below to deposit crypto from your external wallet to your Bitvavo account:

Steps to deposit crypto

  1. Log in
    Log in to your Bitvavo account.

  2. Navigate to the crypto:
    Select the crypto you wish to deposit and click on it.

  3. Go to deposit:
    On the web app, select 'Deposit' from the top navigation bar. On the mobile app, choose the three dots icon on the top right and select the option to deposit.

  4. Select the network:
    Select a network to view your deposit address. Bitvavo supports only the native blockchain/network for each coin.

  5. Copy the Deposit Address:
    The address of your Bitvavo wallet will be displayed. Use this address to transfer your crypto.

Note: For certain crypto like EOS, NEM, Steem, XLM, and XRP, you must include a tag/memo with the transaction to credit it to your Bitvavo account.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take for my deposit to be credited to my account?

Deposits are typically credited to your Bitvavo account within a few minutes to a few hours. The duration depends on how quickly your transaction is confirmed by the network and the number of confirmations required. You can find a detailed overview here.

What can go wrong when depositing cryptocurrency to my Bitvavo account?

Be cautious when sending crypto to your Bitvavo account. If a crypto is incorrectly deposited due to user error (e.g., wrong address, unsupported crypto or network), it cannot be corrected. This means you will lose your funds.

Deposits via OPT blockchain, Wrapped tokens, or MATIC will result in the loss of your coins.

Which blockchain network should I use to send and receive my crypto?

Each cryptocurrency operates on its own network. Bitvavo currently supports only one network for each crypto to avoid confusion. Ensure you check the supported network on our Networks page before making a deposit.

Bitvavo does not support BNB Smart Chain or Tron chain (TRC-20) deposits for Ethereum-based currencies, except for BNB and TRX. Using the wrong network can result in the complete loss of your crypto

How do I transfer (deposit) crypto from MetaMask to Bitvavo?

MetaMask is a Google Chrome extension that functions as a web wallet for Ethereum. You can easily transfer Ether or tokens on the Ethereum network (ERC20) from MetaMask to Bitvavo by following these steps:

Step 1: Open MetaMask

Click on the MetaMask icon in your browser.

Step 2: Enter your password

Fill in the password of your MetaMask wallet.

Step 3: Click ‘Send’

Step 4: Fill in the address of your Ethereum wallet on Bitvavo

Enter the Ethereum address of your Bitvavo account. Ensure the token is supported by Bitvavo. You can see which coins and tokens are supported in this support article.

Step 5: Enter the amount

Decide the amount of Ether or token to send to Bitvavo. Be aware of the transaction fees (Gas) displayed below the amount.

Step 6: Click 'Confirm'

Review the transaction details and click 'Confirm' to send the funds.

Can I deposit NEO over the NEO N3 network?

No, Bitvavo only supports the NEO Legacy network. Deposits and withdrawals via the NEO N3 network will result in the loss of your crypto

What is a tag/memo?

Why is a memo or tag needed for sending crypto?
Including a memo or tag with certain crypto ensures that the transaction reaches the intended recipient and is correctly credited to their wallet. It helps distinguish between different transactions and ensures proper crediting.

What is the difference between a tag and a memo?
Memo: Used with currencies like EOS and Stellar (XLM), it provides additional payment details and helps identify multiple payments sent to the same address.
Tag: Used with currencies like Ripple (XRP), it is a unique numerical code added to the recipient's address to route the transaction correctly.
In summary, the main difference between a tag and a memo is that a tag is typically used as a unique identification code to route a transaction, while a memo is used to provide additional details about a payment. However, the specific use of tags and memos may vary depending on the network used.

Does Bitvavo support XRP account deletion transactions?

Bitvavo accepts funds obtained from deleting XRP accounts via 'account delete transactions'. XRP requires a minimum balance of 10 XRP to maintain an active wallet. This balance can be retrieved only by deleting the XRP account.

Performing an 'account delete transaction' will send the remaining 10 XRP to your Bitvavo account, giving you access to these funds again.

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