How can I make my account even more secure?
How can I make my account even more secure? How can I make my account even more secure?

How can I make my account even more secure?

Bitvavo does everything to protect your account as well as possible. But aside from our security measures, there are also measures you can take to make your account safer. An overview is provided below:

Please note: the overview below may not include all measures, as it is only intended as an indication.

  1. Strong password
    • Use a password that is difficult to guess for your Bitvavo account.
    • Make sure the password is unique and not used for any other accounts. 
    • How you can create a strong password is explained here.
  2. Two-factor authentication
    • Enable two-factor authentication for your account. This makes your account even more secure and requires you to enter both your password and a code on your mobile phone when logging in.
    • What two-factor authentication is and how you can enable it is explained here.
  3. Well secured e-mail account
    • Make sure that the e-mail account linked to your Bitvavo account is properly secured.
      Do this by enabling two-factor authentication for your e-mail account and periodically check to ensure your e-mail account has not been leaked.
    • You can also consider using a seperate email address for Bitvavo.
  4. Anti-phishing code
    • An anti-phishing code is included in all automatically generated emails sent by Bitvavo.
      Check if the mail you received from Bitvavo contains an anti-phishing code and whether it matches the anti-phishing code provided in your account.
    • How you can change your anti-phishing code is explained here.

By following the abovementioned steps, you can optimize the protection of your account.

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