Bitvavo X Altrady

Altrady crypto trading software helps you trade on Bitvavo!


With Altrady you get the power to trade and manage coins from many exchanges in one app. Altrady has simplified day trading and automated trading for you. The app gives you advanced trading tools so you can save time trading while getting better profits.


Step 1) Create an Altrady account

Go to Altrady, hit the sign-up button and enter your personal details, choose a secure password, and confirm your mail address (and optional set a 2FA code for extra security).


Step 2) Set trading page as desired and click next step



Step 3) Set exchange account page and click next page

  1. Set exchange to ´Bitvavo´;
  2. Choose an account label;
  3. Fill in the API key (see step 4);
  4. Fill in the Secret key (see step 4).

Step 4) Request API Keys from Bitvavo

  1. Go to Bitvavo and click on 'Request new API Key'.
  2. Enter the requested data, leaving IP Whitelist empty and choose to only view (a) data and (b) buy and sell.
  3. Enter your 2FA code and click on confirm. If you have not yet set up 2FA, read this article.
  4. Your API key + API secret will be visible and only needs to complete an e-mail confirmation.
  5. Enter the given API key + API secret at Altrady (see step 3).


Step 5) Set base scanner page and click next step

  1. Turn the base scanner off or choose for median drop notifications;
  2. Select Bitvavo as exchange;
  3. Select ´EUR´ as currency.



Step 6) Set quick scanner page and click next step

  1. Turn quick scanner off or notify when -10% drops within 5 minutes.

Step 7) Copy the password and keep them in a safe place (password manager)

Note: Keep the password in a safe place because it´s needed to enter your vault on Altrady in the future!Screenshot_2022-02-02_17.31.43.png

Altrady also offers an internal Academy. When you´re all set up, that's the best way to learn how the platform works. If you've any questions about their platform you can contact them at

Happy trading!  


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