Bitvavo X DemaTrading

DemaTrading is an automated trading bot platform. Their vision is to level the playing field for crypto traders, both beginners and experts. DemaTrading gives traders who are just starting out the tools to compete with professional traders with automation and algorithms under the hood, together with the simplicity and full control at all times. They enable advanced traders to automate and sell their investment strategies, while we strive towards a future of straightforward trading by effortlessly implementing strategies with the click of a button.


The connection between Bitvavo and DemaTrading is made using an API key. This means that you are connected without ever having to give your password to DemaTrading. You need to create an API key in your Bitvavo account and then enter it in your DemaTrading account to establish the link. For step-by-step instructions click here.

How to request API Keys from Bitvavo

  1. Go to Bitvavo and click on 'Request new API Key'.
  2. Enter the requested data, leaving IP Whitelist empty and choose to only view (a) data and (b) buy and sell.
  3. Enter your 2FA code and click on confirm. If you have not yet set up 2FA, read this article.
  4. Your API key + API secret will be visible and only need to complete an e-mail confirmation.
  5. Enter the given API key + API secret at DemaTrading.



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