Bitvavo X Trad3s

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Link API keys between Bitvavo and Trad3s. 

Tip: You can also find the step-by-step guide in a YouTube video at the bottom of this article. 

Create a Trad3s account.

1. Do you already have an account? Then you can skip this step and go directly to Bitvavo (step 5);

2. Go to and click on [Sign Up];

3. Fill in the details below and click [Continue and register];

4. Follow the steps until you receive the confirmation email from Trad3s;

5. Go to Bitvavo and log in with your account details;

6. Hover over your name in the menu, the menu will expand;

7. In the menu, click on [API] to go to the API settings page;
image (80).png

8. Click on the [Request New API Key] button.
image (82).png

Then this screen will appear:
image (81).png

9. Enter a self-chosen name for the API

10. Leave the field for IP Whitelist empty!

11. Toggle the switch behind "View data" (it will turn blue)

12. Toggle the switch behind "Buy and sell" (it will turn blue)

13. Leave the switch for "Withdraw" turned off! (it remains gray)

14. Enter a 2FA code

15. Click [Confirm]

 Confirm API keys
image (84).png

Note: The Secret Key is displayed only once, after that, you will not see this key again. Copy the key and paste it into a text file from which you can copy. Never share the Secret Key, only paste it later into your Trad3s account. We securely store this, of course.

16. Click [continue]
image (85).png

17. Before the API keys work, they need to be confirmed via email. Go to your mailbox and click on Confirm API key in the email from Bitvavo:
image (86).png

18. Then click on Verify and continue:
image (87).png

19. Go to

20. Log in with your email address and password.

21. Click on "Log in".

Linking Exchange Connection

Once logged in, the Dashboard will open automatically.

22. Click on the "Settings" icon in the left menu

23. Click on "Connected Exchanges" in the left menu.

24. Click on "New" at the top right of the page to create a new connection.

Then you will see the following screen:

25. In Name, enter a self-chosen name for this connection. It is useful to choose a name that allows you to distinguish this connection from any new connections in the future. 

26. In Exchange, select "Bitvavo" from the dropdown menu.

27. Then click on "Next".

28. Enter the API Key and Secret Key that you received and copied from Bitvavo.

29. Copy the keys and paste them into the designated fields to avoid typos.

30. Only one connection per exchange is needed, even if you want to use multiple Trad3s traders.

31. Once everything is filled in, click on "next" and then on "save and close".

Your API connection is established. Make sure to transfer the investment amount to Bitvavo and buy some credits from Trad3s to make the software work for you.

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