Login problems

We are sorry to hear that you are experiencing problems logging in or registering. These problems can occur on our website and app and can have multiple causes. See below for more information and the actions you can take.

Auth0 login issues

In some cases, you might experience issues logging in such as the following:

  • You see a screen with the following error code: e52e78fbadd2886b3ea4
  • You keep getting redirected to the login page after trying to log in

In these cases, please try the following steps.

Enable cookies
The issue could be due to cookies being blocked in your browser. These articles can help you to enable cookies and resolve this issue:

When you have allowed cookies, please try logging in again.

External apps
Check whether an external app is blocking your connection to Auth0. This can sometimes happen with certain antivirus software.

Switch browsers
Additionally, you can try switching your default browser to a different one. For example, changing the default browser on your iPhone from Safari to Chrome, or switching from Chrome to the default browser on your Android (or vice versa).


It is possible that you are experiencing login problems on our website.

Reset password
If you receive the message that your password is incorrect, you need to reset it. How to do that is described in this article.

Incorrect 2FA code
If you get the message that the 2FA code is incorrect, then you need to reset the 2FA code. How to do that is described in this article.

If the actions above still do not provide a solution for you, please contact support@bitvavo.com. Our support team can look into your account with you and provide you with same-day feedback.


Forgotten pin
When you select "forgot pin", you can log in again. You can then set a new pin code.

Re-install the app
Sometimes the app needs to reconnect to our servers. It is best to remove the app from your phone and re-install it. You can then log in again with your email address, password, and 2FA code if enabled. No credit will be lost when deleting the app; your account will continue to exist.

If the actions above still do not solve the problem, please contact support@bitvavo.com.

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