Personal Details

Based on applicable rules and regulations as supervised by the Dutch Central Bank, Bitvavo is required to ask for certain information before we can offer our services. This is required as, in Europe, the use of digital currencies is identified as an activity that may involve increased risk.

What kind of questions will be raised?

Bitvavo is required to ask the following questions:

  1. What is the purpose for which you wish to use your Bitvavo account?

  2. What is the origin of the funds you wish to use?

After completing the abovementioned question, we, in principle, have all the required information except if you would like to upgrade your account to a Pro level to receive personally tailored deposit limits.


We understand that you value your privacy, and we do everything we can to safeguard the information you provide as well as possible. More information about how Bitvavo handles the information you provide and how Bitvavo ensures the security of your information can be found here.

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