How do I verify my identity?

Based on European legislation, Bitvavo is obliged to identify users. Complete your verification by uploading a valid proof of identity, passport or driver's license.
The steps are explained below.

Step 1) Verify your identity

  1. Go to the 'Verification' page.

  2. Click 'Continue' to start the verification.

  3. Select the type of document that you want to upload. Please note: when uploading an identity card, upload the front and back.

Step 2) Take a photo of your identity document

  1. Take a photo with your phone.

  2. Click 'Continue on your phone'.

  3. Take a photo with your phone.

  4. Click 'Continue on your phone'.

Step 3) Continue the verification via your mobile phone

  1. Click on 'Continue' to start the verification.

  2. Enter your mobile phone number.

  3. Click ´Send link'.

  4. A text message with a secure link will be send to your mobile phone.

  5. Click on the secure link that you have received on your mobile phone.


  6. We ask you to film yourself and perform 2 simple actions.

  7. Click on 'Continue'.

  8. Place your face in the oval.

  9. Click on 'Record'.

  10. Look over the mentioned shoulder.

  11. Click on 'Next' when you are finished.

  12. Say each digit out loud.

  13. Click on 'Stop' when you are finished.

  14. The verification is complete.

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