How can I verify my bank account (IBAN)?
How can I verify my bank account (IBAN)? How can I verify my bank account (IBAN)?

How can I verify my bank account (IBAN)?

This article explains how to verify your bank account (IBAN) by making a euro deposit to your Bitvavo account. It includes steps for linking a personal bank account and solutions for common verification issues.

Making a euro deposit to verify your IBAN

You can easily link your bank account (IBAN) to your Bitvavo account by making a (small) euro deposit. The account number is usually verified immediately. Here you will find the available payment methods and a step-by-step guide for each method.

Important: You can only link a personal bank account (IBAN) that is in your name.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why isn't my bank account (IBAN) automatically and immediately verified?

Sometimes the bank account number (IBAN) is not automatically verified and remains in "pending" status (highlighted in orange). This can have several causes:

  1. Incorrect name entered:
    If you entered the wrong name when creating your Bitvavo account, we can change your name to match the name on your ID. Please email us at
  2. Joint bank account (IBAN):
    For joint accounts, it may be that only your partner's name was provided by the bank. Please send a photo of your bank card to verify that the account is also in your name. Upload these details here.  
  3. Bank does not share account holder name:
    In some cases, your bank does not share the account holder's name with us. Send a photo of your bank card or a screenshot of your account showing your name to complete the verification. Upload these details here.

Can I add multiple bank accounts (IBAN)?

Yes, you can link multiple bank account numbers to your account for depositing and withdrawing funds. Add a new bank account (IBAN) by making a deposit.

Why are my deposit and bank account (IBAN) not approved?

Your deposit and IBAN will not be approved if it is a business account, someone else's account, or if the account number is already linked to another Bitvavo account. The deposit will be automatically refunded within 1-2 business days.

Can I add an international/foreign bank account?

Yes, you can verify an international bank account, depending on the country it is based in. It must be in one of the SEPA countries. A full list of countries and available payment methods can be found on this page.

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