Bank account number (IBAN) verify Bank account number (IBAN) verify

Bank account number (IBAN) verify

You can easily link your bank account to your Bitvavo account by making a (small) Euro deposit. In most cases, the account number will be verified immediately. In this support article, you can find the available payment methods and an explanation for each method on how to make a deposit. 

Important: You can only link a personal bank account (IBAN) that is in your name.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why isn't the account number automatically and immediately verified? 

It's possible that the account number is not automatically verified. In that case, bank verification pending is colored orange under link your private bank account. This can have the following causes:

  • You entered the wrong name when creating your Bitvavo account
    It's possible that you entered your name incorrectly when creating your Bitvavo account. We can change your account name to match the name on your ID. Please send us an email at
  • Joint bank account
    If you use a joint bank account, it's possible that we only received your partner's name from your bank. In that case, we'd appreciate a photo of your debit card so we can verify that the account is also in your name. You can upload this information here.  
  • Your bank doesn't provide the account holder's name
    In some cases, we don't receive the account holder's name from your bank. As a result, we can't verify that the bank account is yours. In this situation, we'd like to receive a photo of your debit card or a screenshot of your account and account holder's name. You can upload this information here.

How can I change my linked bank account number (IBAN)? 

Add a new IBAN:

To add your new account, we kindly request you to do it yourself by making a deposit from the new IBAN you wish to link. We cannot link a new IBAN for you due to security measures. For more information on how to verify your bank, please refer to this support article.

Remove the old IBAN:

We can remove the old IBAN for you, but only if the new IBAN is linked. We would appreciate an email from you once you've linked the new IBAN, so we can remove the old IBAN from your account.

Why is my deposit and IBAN not approved?

Your deposit and IBAN are not approved if it's a business account, an account belonging to someone else, or if the account number is already linked to another Bitvavo account. In such cases, your deposit will be automatically refunded within 1-2 business days.

If you have any questions, you can reach us at We're here to assist you!