How do I send (withdraw) digital currency to an external wallet? How do I send (withdraw) digital currency to an external wallet?

How do I send (withdraw) digital currency to an external wallet?

Due to the introduction of the fifth anti-money laundering directive which came into effect in the Netherlands on May 21, 2020, Bitvavo is now under the supervision of De Nederlandsche Bank. This directive states that digital currencies can only be sent to verified wallet addresses.

Note: It is not possible to make transactions to third parties (wallets that do not belong to you) or to another Bitvavo account. See our transaction monitoring for more information.

Before you can withdraw digital currencies to an external address, you first need to add it to your address book, and get it verified. Once those two steps are done, you may send your digital currency to your external wallet of choice by following the steps outlined below.

Please note: Digital currency withdrawals are only possible through our desktop website.


Click on the buttons inside the tabbed menu:

App 📱

How to do on the app.

Website 💻

  1. Login to your Bitvavo account.

  2. Click on the digital currency you want to send.
  3. Go to 'Withdraw' and click on it.

  4. Enter the address to which you want to send the digital currency.

  5. Enter the desired amount of digital currency you want to send in the box 'Amount'.

  6. Check the transaction and confirm it by clicking 'Continue'.

  7. Confirm your order via email.

Your digital currency should arrive within two hours to the designated address. The timing depends mainly on how quickly your transaction is confirmed by the network, which differs for every digital currency and may change from time to time.

If your digital currency hasn't arrived within two hours, please consult our article on possible reasons for delayed digital currency transfers.

Blockchain Fees

Sending digital currency via the blockchain network costs a fee paid to miners that is unrelated to Bitvavo and its operations. An indicative overview of the costs for transferring digital currency to a different wallet address can be found here.